Antique lamp
Antique lamp
Antique lamp

Light pole height: height can be customized according to customer requirements. Main structure: light pole, lamp arm, ribs, flanges, decorative parts, basic embedded parts, lamps, light sources, wires, etc.
The lamp is made of: selected Q235 steel welded, sprayed with professional outdoor fluorine-nitrogen paint after hot-dip galvanizing treatment.
Light pole technology: laser cutting technology cut into different hollow patterns, logo patterns and other lamps surface: spray high-quality outdoor fluorocarbon paint or special outdoor plastic powder translucent part: using high-quality acrylic or PMMA translucent plate pole wall thickness: 3.0/ 3.5mm
Lamp technology: aluminum die-cast lamp housing, tempered glass translucent lampshade, silicone rubber sealing ring.
Supporting light source: high pressure nano lamp, metal halide lamp, LED lamp (optional)
Fasteners: stainless steel washers, stainless steel bolts, nuts rated voltage and frequency: 220V (±10%), 50HZ
Product Warranty: The pole is not rusted for 15 years, and the accessories and light source are guaranteed for 2 years. (except for irresistible reasons)
Product installation: our technical staff provides technical guidance service 24 hours a day.

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