Landscape lights 2
Landscape lights 2
Landscape lights 2

Landscape lighting refers to outdoor lighting projects that have both lighting functions and artistic decoration and landscaping functions. Landscape lighting can be divided into road landscape lighting, landscape square landscape lighting, architectural landscape lighting.
Landscape lighting usually covers a wide range of categories and requires a lot of planning thinking. At the same time, it also takes into account the key points of key nodes such as Xiaojing and architecture. Therefore, the lighting methods are diverse and the choice of illuminators is complicated. The overall ability of the division is relatively high.

Light source selection

High-pressure sodium lamps shall be used for expressways, trunk roads, secondary trunk roads and branch roads;
High-pressure sodium lamps or low-power metal halide lamps should be used for mixed traffic roads between motor vehicles and pedestrians in residential areas;
Metal halide lamps can be used for motor vehicle traffic roads with high color recognition requirements in the city center and commercial centers;
Small-power metal halide lamps, thin-tube fluorescent lamps or compact fluorescent lamps can be used in pedestrian streets in commercial areas, pedestrian roads in residential areas, and sidewalks on motor vehicles.

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